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Balans Medika is the pioneer in holistic health in Serbia. Alternative medicine in Serbia includes 63 methods accepted by the Regulation of the Ministry of Health of Serbia. The rule book is one of the largest regulator of traditional medicine in our country. It includes alternative therapies and diagnostics in accordance with the standards that traditional medicine covers. Balans Medika practice traditional and alternative methods which are established only by experts. Our procedures for diagnostics and rehabilitation are proven to have a beneficial effect on human health. Of the 63 recognized alternative methods, the closest to us are acupuncture, quantum medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy and reflexology.

Balans Medika is the first health center in Serbia which promotes holistic therapy and rehabilitation without surgery. For eight years now, Balans Medika have received excellent reviews and gratitude from our patients.

Quantum diagnostics can replace a complete overview of the whole organism. It detects illness before it appears on the physical body, as well as already exisiting ailments and discomforts. Quantum medicine has delivered favorable results in the diagnosis of stomach discomforts, stomach diseases, bowel problems, poor digestion, slow and weak digestion, bloating, gases and inflammation. Quantum diagnosis “identifies” the problems of the spine, from the Atlas of the first cervical spine, through other spinal vertebrae, starting from the neck to the foot. Quantum medicine uses the principles of quantum physics and electromagnetic waves.

Atlas correction is one of our core services wherein our experts help to improve the situation. Prof. dr sc. med. Slaviša Đurđević, a physiatrist, trained for the correction of Atlas. The Atlas or C1 is the first cervical vertebra of the spine and its main function is to support the globe of the head. Massage treatments on the neck helps the muscles relax and it also helps in treating headaches, treating vertigo, neck pain, diagnosing problems of the spine and neck sprains. We offer complete diagnostics and correction of the atlas.

Chiropractics is an effective and painless method which helps with joint pain, neck pain, lumbago (lower back pain) and sciatica. Chiropractic treatments provide great chances for the recovery of joints, tendons and ligaments. Mitigates the effects of sports injuries, pain in the joints of the hip, knees, feet, tingling along the leg and sciatica pain.

Stomach alignment is performed by making adjustments to the position of the stomach to return it to its natural place. It is a special massage done by experienced professionals. Problems of the stomach like heartburn, wheezing, gases, inflammation, hemorrhoids, and chest pain similar to a heart attack are being treated by this therapy. We hav received high appreciation for the health improvements that our clients experienced upon undergoing this treatment.

Experienced professionals diagnose problems such as neck pain, joint pains and pain in the feet, especially in the ankle caused by a bunion. These type of problems also need a special technique which our experts have proven to give satisfying results. If you’re experiencing severe pain in the feet or suffering from a bunion, the pain usually goes away after a few treatments but the bunion will take a a bit longer time to treat if operation is not performed.